Wild Caught Gulf of Mexico Shrimp

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Get the Best Gulf Shrimp at Marithyme Seafood Company

Gulf Shrimp have been caught since the 1700’s, the oldest marketed shrimp species, because of their fantastic table quality. Why buy shrimp from the Gulf? Well, they’re easy to peel with a sweet flavor, firm texture, and year round availability. But the best part? Their long history employing and supporting fishing families in the Gulf of Mexico.

2 pound bag individually frozen
Approximately 8 servings per bag
21/25 count
Headless, Shell-on
Directly from the Gulf of Mexico
Harvested by small family fisherman

The wild caught shrimp for sale on our site are caught and flash frozen by local fishermen right on their boat. This preserves their quality which you won’t find elsewhere when you buy shrimp online. Enjoy gulf coast shrimp as nature intended, wild caught and brimming with flavor.

Cooking Tip:
There’s a reason everyone loves wild caught seafood — especially Gulf Coast Shrimp — it’s delicious any way you cook it. Use them for a shrimp boil, peel them to use in a pasta dish, grill them with the shell on, or if you really want to look like a pro in the kitchen, try steaming them. Just remember, ideal cooking time to keep their optimal flavor is no more than 3-4 minutes.

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Great Gulf Shrimp and Alaska Seafood…

Starts with Quality, Fresh Seafood

When it comes to great Alaska seafood, at Marithyme Seafood Company, we have it all under control. We control where it’s caught—Bristol Bay, Alaska or Bayou Le Batre, Alabama. We control how it’s caught—ethically and sustainably. We control what makes it great—it’s flash frozen right on the boat to seal in freshness all the way to your kitchen. And we control who it supports—local fishing families and their economies. Because the way see it, when we control our business, everyone can finally enjoy what it means to eat wild.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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