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A Quest for Wild-Caught Seafood

All his life, Thomas could be found with rod and reel in hand. From rippling mountain streams in the Appalachians, to crashing waves in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing was always a passion. Eventually it took him out of the Southeast to the rivers and bays of Alaska where he decided on a new career— guiding fishermen in chase of the world’s largest salmon run in Bristol Bay.

After a decade of guiding and meeting like-minded anglers from around the world, his Alaskan fishing career took a slight shift. Instead of guiding, he began working in sales with a small fisherman-owned operation based in King Salmon, Alaska. But to properly sell the seafood, he had to know all the ins and outs of the fishing process. He fished with the team, worked as a deckhand, processed seafood in the plant, learned about product placement and distribution, helped out with customer service, and everything in between. Put simply, Thomas got to know every step of the process—from swimming to sold.

And today? He’s off on his own, chasing his passion for fresh seafood and the culinary moments it creates both in the kitchen and around the table by bringing the local fishmonger or butcher-shop to the convenience of any living room. Because after a life in the world of fishing, he knows better than anyone—amazing seafood is out there, someone just needs to go find it.


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