King Salmon

King Salmon

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King Salmon are the largest salmon species in the Pacific—and some say the tastiest. Caught in the cold, clean waters of Bristol Bay Alaska, it’s velvety texture, high omega-3 count, and high fat content make it a favorite among seafood lovers. Compared to our Alaska Sockeye Salmon, the flavor of King Salmon is less robust—a great fish for those who are trying wild-caught salmon for the first time.

Approximately 8 ounce portion servings
Pin bones removed
Skin- on
Harvested by small family fisherman

Approximately 8-10 portions per 5 pounds

Approximately 8-10 portions per 5 pounds

Cooking Tip: Since King Salmon come in so many different sizes, the "10 minute rule" is a great way to bring out their rich flavor.  Just put it in the oven at 400 degrees and cook for 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Want to try something else? Grilling and pan searing King Salmon are also great options.

Want a full recipe? We have you covered. Just click here.

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