Gulf of Mexico Shrimp

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp

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Gulf Shrimp have been commercially caught since the 1700’s, the oldest marketed shrimp species, because of their fantastic table quality. They’re easy to peel with a sweet flavor, firm texture, and year round availability. But the best part? Their long history employing and supporting fishing families in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our fishermen use nets rigged with TEDs (Turtle Excluding Device) which eliminates large animal by-catch, and fish areas of the Gulf with sandy bottoms reducing any damage that could be caused to coral reefs or grass floor bottoms.

2  lb. bag  individually frozen
Approximately 8 servings per bag
21/25 count (40-50 shrimp per bag)
Headless, Shell-on
Directly from the Gulf of Mexico
Harvested by small family fishermen

Cooking Tip:
There’s a reason everyone loves Gulf Shrimp—it’s delicious any way you cook it. Use them for a shrimp boil, peel them to use in a pasta dish, grill them with the shell on, or if you really want to look like a pro in the kitchen, try steaming them. Just remember, ideal cooking time to keep their optimal flavor is no more than 3-4 minutes.

Want a full recipe? We have you covered. Just click here.

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