Alaska Box

From the Cold, Clean Waters of Alaska
Our Alaskan Seafood Subscription Box is an incredibly healthy, tasty subscription box featuring Sockeye Salmon from Bristol Bay, and Halibut and Sablefish from the cold, deep waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Sustainably caught with virtually NO bycatch, and processed, vacuum sealed, and frozen the day its caught, you'll taste the difference!

Alaska Box


1 – 4 Portion Pack Sockeye Salmon
1 – 4 Portion Pack Halibut
1 – 4 Portion Pack Black Cod (Sablefish)


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From the cold clean waters of Alaska comes our most popular subscription box option. Our Sockeye Salmon is caught in the clean waters of Bristol Bay. This specific fishery accounts for over 80% of the world's Sockeye Salmon! Caught, processed, vacuum sealed and frozen the same day, our Sockeye Salmon is unlike any that can be found at the grocery stores. The FDA recommends at leasts two servings of fish per week and the other two fish in this box can help fill that need. Our Halibut and Sablefish are caught in the Gulf of Alaska at depths up to 800 feet! These cold, deep water fish are caught using sustainable catch methods, with virtually NO bycatch. The mild, flaky, almost sweet taste of Halibut is why it is so loved and revered. And to round out this box, our Sablefish is truly a special fish. One serving size of Sablefish contains over 1,800 mg of Omega 3s. Talk about delicious brain food!

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