A Wild Catch: 7 Reasons to Choose Wild Alaskan Salmon

A Wild Catch: 7 Reasons to Choose Wild Alaskan Salmon

Fish and seafood are healthy options, but you want to get high-quality right? Check out 7 reasons to choose wild Alaskan salmon for a healthy fish choice.

Salmon is a main choice for seafood lovers. It’s delicious and makes an amazing dinner. This is especially true in a day when we’re counting calories, giving up carbs, and overall paying more attention to our health.

For this purpose, salmon should be one of your ultimate dinner choices. Salmon boasts many health benefits, is a lean yet high-protein fish, and a delicious salmon fillet with some veggies is enough to fill you up!

Salmon comes in many types, however, why should you always choose to eat wild Alaskan salmon? Why wild salmon over normal old salmon? Here are 7 reasons to go wild with salmon!

1. Has Incredible Heart Health Benefits

Salmon is heart healthy. It’s high in healthy fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This prevents your risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and developing cardiovascular disease.

But why wild salmon? Since wild salmon isn’t farmed, they contain fewer calories.

Wild salmon also has fewer saturated fats, which negatively affect the heart.

Depending on the breeding, farmed salmon may also contain fewer beneficial fats such as omega-3’s.

The type of omega-3’s also plays a role. Omega-3 fatty acid EPA is what benefits the heart but the farmed salmon may contain more omega-3 fatty acid DHA.

2. Wild Salmon Is More Ethical

Are you familiar with the conditions farmed salmon are kept in? Farmed salmon are bred by professional fishers. They’re kept in nets, in tight quarters.

Wild salmon aren’t farm raise and aren’t in a controlled environment, they’re bred naturally and swim freely.

Farmed salmon allows the fishermen to meet the growing salmon demands, can control their nutritious content, their diet, and can prevent health issues. While this has benefits, wild salmon treatment is far more ethical than farmed salmon treatment.

3. Wild Salmon Boosts Your Brain Health

The fatty acids in salmon don’t only benefit your heart.

Both omega-3 DHA and EPA are critical to brain function. When consumed in healthy amounts at a young age, these fatty acids assist in brain development and can even improve your IQ!

As for adult brains, your brain cell membranes need fatty acids to function. Lacking fatty acids causes a lack of brain function and can even affect crucial areas such as your memory.

Compared to farmed salmon, wild salmon contain higher amounts of both types of omega-3 fatty acids. This helps to ensure you’re boosting brain function.

4. Alaska Is Sustainable

Salmon has a large population and this fish is spread out in many different oceanic environments. You can readily find salmon in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as freshwater systems such as rivers and lakes.

While salmon can be caught wild in any of these regions, what makes Alaska different? Alaska is one of the most sustainable countries and has an incredible fishing system.

Alaska monitors its fishing regulations very closely — one of the highest ranked states in all of the U.S. They carefully manage the fisheries and ensure no harm is done to the marine ecosystem.

Unfortunately, wild salmon is just as much victim to pollution and environmental impacts as farmed salmon. You can decrease this impact by only buying salmon caught in Alaska.

5. Salmon Helps Maintain Healthy Vision

Going back to the omega-3’s, these fats also help preserve your vision. Without proper fat in our diet, your vision can suffer.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been around to prevent macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.

These fatty acids also properly drain intraocular fluid. Improperly drained intraocular fluid can result in severe conditions such as glaucoma and high eye pressure.

What does this have to do with wild Alaskan salmon? Gaining omega-3 fatty acids from food sources is more effective at reducing eye disease risk than taking supplements.

As mentioned previously, wild salmon have higher concentrations of both omega-3 fatty acid types than supplements and farmed salmon.

6. Alaskan Salmon Have Tough Quality Standards

We boast about the fishing conditions Alaskan fisheries uphold, but what about after the salmon is caught?

Alaskan salmon is frozen only hours after it’s caught. This is to ensure the vitamins, minerals, and taste don’t degenerate. The rest of the process is carefully monitored; to maintain its freshness, Alaskan salmon have to be stored at a specific temperature and for a certain period of time.

Keep in mind, knowing the true quality of wild salmon is difficult for a consumer to know. Many stores commit wild salmon scams to pass off farmed or improperly handled Alaskan salmon as “wild.”

The best judgment is the taste. Wild salmon has a distinct flavor over farmed salmon.

7. Helps You Lose Weight

Last but not least, wild Alaskan salmon can aid in your weight loss efforts. As mentioned earlier, salmon is a lean fish but is extremely high in protein. Three ounces of salmon contains about 21 grams of protein.

Protein serves as the building blocks for our muscles and aids in many types of fitness journeys.

Since high-protein foods fill you up faster than foods high in carbohydrates, this means one decent-sized fillet of wild Alaskan salmon is enough to leave you full and satisfied.

In addition, salmon is low in calories. Three ounces of salmon only contains 140 calories. You’re eating a low-calorie fish that will help prevent any additional cravings or snacking.

You can make many different healthy meals out of salmon, such as poke bowls.

Are You Hungry for Wild Alaskan Salmon?

Did reading this article leave you craving for wild Alaskan salmon? Good! If you can’t go to Alaska and catch a fresh salmon, how do you ensure your salmon is wild and of the highest quality?

We deliver Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Sockeye salmon can’t be farmed so you can ensure you’re only receiving wild and fresh salmon.

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