This is a dream come true—sitting here typing my first blog post as owner and founder of Marithyme Seafood Company. It was a long road getting here and I’m thankful for every step of the way. So how did I get here, with my love for healthy, fresh seafood? I’ll take you from start to finish.

Let’s start from the beginning.

My brothers and I were born and raised outdoors. As stewards of the land our parents worked so hard to obtain, they quickly instilled a love for nature in all of us. Whether it was playing, hunting, camping, hiking, or just daydreaming, this was where you would find us. And this is where I found my passion—fishing.

There isn’t a time I can remember when I didn’t have a fishing rod close by. Every family trip was centered around some sort of fishing trip (thanks for your willingness to indulge us, Mom!). At first my dad would carry my fishing gear. Then I learned how to strap it to my bike. I biked to any small pond I could find to see what fish awaited me. Later my fishing rods rode around in my car with me so I could fish before and after school. And now? I have a closet full of fishing gear—a closet full of memories.

During college I took a semester off to work as a fishing guide at one of Alaska’s most premier lodges (maybe I’m a little bias). We flew floatplanes every day, chasing the world’s largest salmon run. I was hooked… no pun intended. How could there be so much adventure, so many fish, and so many amazing people in such a remote part of the world? Needless to say, one season wasn’t enough. I quickly realized the sooner I went back to school, the sooner I could graduate, and the sooner I could head back to Alaska.

A year later, I graduated and made my way back. As soon as I got there I was continuously meeting fascinating people from all around the world. And the best part about it? We were all there for one reason—to fish, for fresh seafood.

With each guided trip, fish were caught, relationships were formed and memories were made. Spouses that had never fished became avid anglers. Kids caught fish weighing more than them. Certain clients fell so in love with fishing, they would return for years to come.

Some people had worked their whole life for this one Alaskan vacation. Others were chasing the elusive 10 pound rainbow trout. And others just wanted to float down the river for a scenic day of diverse wildlife. No matter the adventure they sought, the reactions on their faces after each experience is what really made me love my job.

This was my life for the next five years. By the time I was 26 I had caught every species of fish in Alaska; I had obtained a pilot and seaplane license; I even bought my own plane. I was committing myself to this life. But at a certain point I needed a change. The greatest mentor I’ve ever had, the owner of the lodge, encouraged me to take a season off and go see what else the world had to offer. So off I went.

After two years exploring other avenues, I knew I had to be back in the fishing world. But was I going back to guide? Just be a pilot? Should I just move back up there and get a “normal” job so I could have a fishing playground in my backyard? That’s when I was approached by a small family owned commercial fishing operation in Alaska. They were in need of a new employee, someone that knew Alaska, could speak the language, and relay their company’s message to new customers. It was a perfect fit.

I spent two season working on the family’s commercial fishing boat. I became uniquely familiar with the process. Nets, ice, fuel, ropes, you name it. When it came to the commercial fishing business, I learned it all. From caught to processed, I was part of every step. I amassed more knowledge in those two years than I ever thought possible. Knowledge that I would use for my next step—this step.

I’m back in my home state of Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife, a newborn son, and a brand new business with the possibility of revolutionizing how the world views, orders, and eats fresh seafood. This is going to be fun.

My advice… Eat Wild.

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